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What am I looking at?

This is a treemap, a type of visualization commonly used for data with hierarchical categories.

What can it tell me?

This treemap helps you see how the books and other items matching your search are distributed across broad subject areas (as indicated by the first letters of the call numbers) and the specific topics covered by the items from each area.

Note that each item usually has multiple topics, so the number of topics covered by the items in a given area will be greater than the total number of items in that area.

How can I interact with it?

You can click on a broad subject area to zoom in and examine the topics in that area, or you can click on a topic to see the books and other items on that topic in that subject area. You can also use any of the facets in the right sidebar to narrow your search and quickly see how, for example, limiting your search by year or by format changes the subjects and topics included in your results.

If any of the text is cut off, you can hover over that box to see the complete text in a pop-up.