Analisis Tingkat Kesejahteraan, Sikap, Perilaku, Dan Tingkat Kepuasan Keluarga Sasaran Program Konversi Minyak Tanah Ke Lpg Di Kota Bekasi

Main Author: Nurmayanti, Novida
Format: Thesis
Terbitan: IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) , 2010
Online Access:
Daftar Isi:
  • The purpose of this study are: (1) Analyzing the socio-economic characteristics of sample families, (2) Analyzing the examples of family welfare (3) Analyze examples of family attitudes toward conversion kerosene to LPG program, (4) Analyzing the behavior of the use of LPG by the sample family, ( 5) Analyzing the level of satisfaction and important dimension of sample families, and (6) Formulate a strategy improvement of kerosene conversion to LPG program. No significant differences between the socioeconomic characteristics of families using LPG and that does not use LPG unless the education level of wives (p<0.05). Family sample has a low economic capacity, it can be seen that almost all (90%) were below average per capita expenditure of Bekasi (Rp589 906.00). for 60 percent of samples in the poor category compared to the poverty line Kota Jakarta. Regression analysis showed that a large family, work wife, the wife of education, attitudes toward the program and decrease fuel spending are effected the level of family welfare (p<0.1). The results showed more than half the family sample (55%) had a negative attitude toward the program. The level of education and employment the wife have a significant effect on of the formation of attitudes toward the program (p<0.05). LPG usage behavior analysis showed that more than two-thirds of the sample families (76.67%) using LPG since given and until research is done. Attitudes toward the program have a significant effect on the behavior of the use of LPG (p<0.05). Costumer Satisfaction Index showed that sample of families are “satisfied” for the implementation of the program. Importance Performance Analysis are placed the gas prices, resistance tubes and regulators as attributes that need to be improved performance.